Research Paper On Survivors Of The Holocaust

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  • Death, God, and Holocaust Survivors' Attitudes

    This 10 page report discusses the feelings and attitudes survivors of the Holocaust have relating to God and to death in relationship to the nightmare they experienced during World War II. Interviews, poetry, and memoirs of survivors are used throughout the paper. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

  • Night by Eli Wiesel

    6 pages in length. The primary theme of Eli Wiesel's "Night" revolves around the author's objective to keep the image of the Holocaust clearly and painfully etched in everyone's mind so as not to forget the hideous events of such an inhumane period. The manner in which Wiesel's story serves to address the concepts of anti-Semitism, prejudice, racism is to demonstrate how humanity can quite easily become its own worst enemy when people allow untruths to cloud their perception. Indeed, as a survivor of the Holocaust himself, Wiesel is able to transcend the inherent barriers that sometimes come between image and word in order to deliver a vision of consequence and elimination. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

  • Overview of the Theories of Austrian Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl

    A 5 page paper discussing the Austrian's view that involvement with others and work contribute to creating a meaning for life, without which individuals cannot live full lives or face problems that appear to be insurmountable. Frankl assigned love a primary role in supplying the meaning of life that is all-important for the outlook that individuals maintain. Six survivors of the Holocaust assessed Frankl's theories, and found that 'love was important but so were other factors' (p. 1075). Psychology routinely attempts to downplay the powerful effects of love, but Viktor Frankl took the opposing view. He was certain that we need it for our own well being. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

  • Holocaust Children Writings

    A 6 page paper discussing the books 'Children At Play in the Holocaust: Games Among the shadows' by George Eisen and 'Children of the Holocaust: Conversations with Sons and Daughters of Survivors' by Helen Epstein. No additional sources are cited.

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