Research Paper On Near Death Experiences

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  • Near Death Experiences and 3 Articles Reviewed

    This 5 page paper compares and criticizes three articles written about near death experiences. The author of the paper establishes which paper is the most credible of the three and to which the author had the strongest response. Bibliography lists four sources.

  • Impact Of Suicide On The Survivor

    5 pages in length. The idea of prevention and the guilt inherent to not having done enough to avert suicide is the most apparent difference between how survivors experience the loss as compared with death by other means. Coping with death under any circumstances is a tremendous challenge often exacerbated by social expectations; when suicide is the cause of death, the element of the unknown swirls inside the minds of the survivors, often leaving a sense of defeat and self-blame in its wake. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

  • A Review of Pat Conroy's Novel, 'The Water is Wide'

    A 5 page review of "The Water is Wide", a novel chronicling the experiences of writer and educator Pat Conroy in 1969 on the near deserted island of Yamacraw off the South Carolina coast. Relates Conroy's trials, tribulations, and successes when charged with educating a largely illiterate group of student consisting of black fifth graders and older students. Recounts his innovative methods and perseverance which serve as an example to educators of the fact that one man can make a difference. No additional sources are listed.

  • Death, God, and Holocaust Survivors' Attitudes

    This 10 page report discusses the feelings and attitudes survivors of the Holocaust have relating to God and to death in relationship to the nightmare they experienced during World War II. Interviews, poetry, and memoirs of survivors are used throughout the paper. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

  • Edgar Allan Poe's Life Reflected in His Art

    A 7 page paper on the personality of Edgar Allan Poe, and how his life experiences fit into his work -- particularly his poems. The writers argues that Poe's obsession with death was simply endemic in the young man's disturbed personality, and his writings are simply a reflection of an emotional problem he'd always had. Bibliography lists five sources.

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