Research Paper On Asthma

Click on any of the term papers to read a brief synopsis of the research paper. The essay synopsis includes the number of pages and sources cited in the paper.

  • Elderly Patients and Medication for Asthma

    A 3 page introduction to a broad literature review on asthma medications in regards to asthma in older adults. This, however, is just the introduction. The writer cites one source in defining asthma and its relevance to an older patient population. The references cited in the bibliography are for the student researching this topic to use in the paper that the student will write. Bibliography lists 10 sources, with 1 used in the paper.

  • Nursing Community Services, Asthma & Diabetes

    A 4 page essay/research paper in which the writer uses tutorial language to advise a student on relating nursing experience that pertain to community service, specifically, asthma and diabetes care. The student's assignment calls for student to report on professional community services that the student has rendered as an RN within the last several years. Community nursing covers a broad expanse, however, two common topics addressed by community nursing pertain to the treatment of asthma and diabetes, particularly Type 2 diabetes, within the context of a community setting. Therefore, this synopsis of two articles on these topics may give the student some ideas that are pertinent to relating her own personal experience. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

  • Pediatric Asthma Case Management

    A 6 page research paper that discusses a case scenario involving a pediatric patient and then relates this to information on asthma case management conducted by a nurse practitioner. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

  • Different Literature Presentations of Asthma

    A 4 page review of two specific articles concern asthma. One article is from a professional nursing journal while the other is from a trade publication. The author of this paper emphasizes that while the type of information they cover is essentially the same, the manner in which they cover it is significantly different. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

  • Asthma Effects on Minorities in School

    This 3 page paper discusses the devastating effects of asthma on children of school age (5-15), including contributions to failing grades, time away from school, and sports and recreation. This paper has 6 bibliographical references.

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