Research Paper On Group Decision Support System

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  • Case Study on Decision Making

    This 5 page paper answers five questions asked by the student concerning issues such as classifying decision making processes, Keirsey personality types, and which would be best for teaching the use of a computer system, the value of modelling, the use of an executive cube and the way that group decision-making support may be used. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

  • How Decisions Are Made

    This 8 page paper considers the process that is undertaken when a decision in made. The different types of decision, such as operational, managerial and strategic are examined and models, such as Simon (1977). The paper then considers the role of management support systems (MSS) and decision support systems (DSS). The bibliography cites 8 sources.

  • Exploring Decision Support System Usage in ECommerce Research Proposal

    This 27 page paper is a research Proposal to Explore the Use of Decision Support System in E-Commerce and includes a literature review. The use of both E-commerce has increased tremendously over the last decade. E-commerce is usually seen as sales over the internet but actually incorporates any transactions over an electronic medium. This is usually seen as an advantage. This paper considers how the use of Decision Support Systems (DSS) may help a business to enhance their e-commerce strategy and align strategies so that the efficiency is increased and results in a better profit. Many companies, such as Air Canada and FedEx already use DSS to great advantage increasing the efficiency through management of their resources. These are systems designed espially for those companies, but DSS are also available over the counter for smaller companies. The paper then shows how, with the use of a qualitative case study, following an extensive literature review the student can undertake primary research to identify the option model for the use of DSS is any given industry. The bibliography cites 11 sources.

  • Mobile Telephone Company and a Decision Support System

    This 5 page paper relates the development of an Internet-based Decision Support System (DSS) for a mobile telephone company, which requires an understanding of the methods for the development of this kind of system and the elements that make a “good” online DSS. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

  • Overview of Decision Support Systems

    This 4 page paper explains what is meant by Decision Support Systems (DSS) as well as why and how they are used. Examples of systems are given to illustrate the facts presented.

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