Research Paper On Diabetes Mellitus Type 2

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  • Nursing, Diabetes, and 3 Research Articles

    A 5 page research paper that summarizes three research studies pertaining to diabetes mellitus that were conducted by nurse researchers. Nursing interventions have been shown to be a critical factor in promoting such diabetic self-management. These synopses demonstrate how nursing research is consistently exploring ways to improve intervention and make self-management of diabetes more effective. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

  • Discussion of Diabetes Mellitus

    15 pages in length. No one is safe from developing diabetes mellitus. In America, one person succumbs to the fatal aspects of the disease every three minutes; sixteen million Americans have been diagnosed, while another five point four million will continue on with their lives without knowing they have the disease. Leading to fatal kidney failure, adult blindness, nerve damage and limb amputations, diabetes is truly a silent killer. Additionally, heart attacks stokes occur two to four times more often in those with diabetes than in those without it. Those who have caught their disease in time can still count on dying an average of fifteen years earlier than what is otherwise expected. Infants who are born from mothers with diabetes are two to three times more likely to die than their disease-free counterparts. Ninety-eight billion dollars is spent every year in the United States in order to treat diabetes. Medicare, which foots a significant amount of that annual bill, pays out no less than one of every five dollars to support those with the disease. Bibliography lists 18 sources.

  • Diabetes Mellitus: A Case Study

    This 8 page paper provides an overview of a case study of a person with diabetes mellitus, including a treatment plan and cost analysis of treatment. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

  • "Risk Factors For Cardiovascular Disease In Children With Type 1 Diabetes" - Brief Analysis

    3 pages in length. The general research problem Lipman et al (2000) attempt to address revolves around the relationship between children with Type 1 insulin-dependent diabetes and the prevalence of cardiovascular disease as a complication. The predominant coupling of cardiovascular disease and Type 1 diabetes in children requires a greater understanding of environmental factors and the impact they have upon the presence of CVD in these afflicted children. Lipman et al (2000) seek to determine if preventive monitoring measures will serve to be an effective means by which to enable "early identification and treatment of known risk factors" (p. 160). The ultimate goal is to combat factors directly associated with cardiovascular disease and Type 1 insulin-dependent diabetes in children, which the authors believe can be achieved by adopting a preventive approach. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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