Research Paper On Bed Bugs

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  • Social Work and Nursing Similarities

    A 4 page contention that there are many similarities between these two disciplines. Borrowing from the social work theory that life plays out as though on a stage, the author concludes that all that has to be changed to allow nursing to fit into this theory is to costume the actors in nursing uniforms, disguise them as doctors, and put a few in bed gowns. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

  • Emergency Room and Making Ethical Decisions

    A 9 page paper discussing the philosophies of Kant, Mill and Rawls to inform decision-making in nursing, but perhaps the philosophy of Rawls is most directly applicable to nursing. Though wholly unworkable on a national scale, using Rawls’ philosophy in teaching nursing ethics and values works beautifully with nursing’s reason for being. From the nursing perspective, the “least advantaged member of society” is that one confined to a hospital bed. Ethics of choice does not require a great deal of time to process, for it is intent – rather than outcome – that carries greatest weight in determining the morality and justice of a decision. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

  • Comfort Theory and Kolcaba

    For centuries, the depiction of a nurse in art is one of a person professionally dressed, but offering something of herself. That nurse is offering comfort, something decidedly outside of medical patient care, something beyond the auspices of physician and related solely to the nurse professional. “Comfort” is the idealized vision each person holds within himself when thinking of a nurse, whether it is reality. This personalized concept comes from a patient who is his most vulnerable when sick and in a hospital bed. 19 references. jvKolcab.rtf

  • Pressure Ulcers and Nursing Research

    A 6 page paper discussing the incidence and prevalence of "bed sores," or pressure ulcers, and the benefits of determining who is most at risk for developing this costly and potentially dangerous condition. When risk is unknown, there is no apparent reason to increase staffing in an effort to avoid the problem. Nurses already operate at or near their capacity, and the types of attention that at-risk patients need are time- and labor-intensive. Turning immobile patients and giving wound sites additional direct care require additional time that many nursing teams do not have available in their current structure and numbers. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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