Research Paper On 3 Phase Induction Motor

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    This 12-page paper addresses various personnel issues, such as employee induction, the need for training and control systems. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

  • Induction Pack for Trainees

    This 6 page paper considers what should be in a supervisors pack when planning an induction for trainees including a schedule for the first day and the supplementary items that will be used during the induction period including the reflective diary and supervisor sheets. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

  • Early Manufacturing and Nikola Tesla

    A 13 page paper discussing Tesla's most important inventions and their effect on development of subsequent manufacturing systems that had power available not only for light, but for processes as well. Tesla's work made it possible for American manufacturing concerns to locate anywhere they pleased. After transmission of high-voltage electricity over long distances was possible thanks to Tesla's AC induction motor, manufacturers were not obliged to remain near moving water that could supply their needs for mechanical energy. Henry Ford's genius gave the world a manufacturing model that all industry eventually adopted, but it was Tesla's contributions that made Ford's process innovations possible. Not only did he create circumstances that worked to make America's national economy the strongest in the world, success of world manufacturing also is attributable to Tesla in that it originated with Ford's assembly line model. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills

    A 5 page research paper that discusses fine and gross motor skill development in the elementary grades. Bibliography lists 4 sources.


    This 6-page paper focuses on legal issues faced by the fictitious Falwell Motors company. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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