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  • China, Singapore, and New Media and Internet Technology Uses

    This 12 page paper evaluates new media and the use of the Internet in both China and Singapore. Does the government use the Internet for control or do the people use the Internet to try to avert government control? Bibliography lists 20 sources.

  • Internet Marketing Success

    This 10 page report discusses successful marketing on the world wide web. In 1998, the Internet was the venue for an estimated $1.7 billion in sales with users reporting being comfortable spending an average of $295 per purchase. Key strategies for successful Internet marketing differ from the strategies typically employed for an “offline” marketing campaign. The unique marketing medium that is the Internet must be looked at and utilized in equally unique ways. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

  • Overview of Nortel Networks

    This 6 page paper discusses Nortel Networks, a giant in telephony, data, wireless and wireline solutions for the Internet. Topics discussed include: a critique of Nortel's Web site, their involvement with the Internet, their innovations, including what they call the four pillars of high performance Internet services. Also discussed: the long history of the company, acquisitions, partnerships, and overview of fiscal data for the last three years, and activities in which they are involved. Bibliography lists 10 sources. 1 table is included.

  • Encouraging the Development of the Internet in Developing Nations

    A 16 page paper arguing that developing nations should encourage the development of the Internet and the necessary infrastructure within their borders. Whether the government should be directly involved is arguable, but the fact that the economy needs the benefits of the Internet is not. The Internet has become nearly as crucial for business operation as has the telephone, and other nations such as Singapore demonstrate that it is business activity and the resulting economic growth that lifts developing nations' peoples out of abject poverty. Bibliography lists 25 sources.

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