Research Paper On Steroids In Sports

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  • Athletes, Congress, and Steroid Use

    This paper delineates the development of the steroid era and the causes behind it. Congressional efforts to address steroid use in professional sports have been unsuccessful. Interscholastic sports have many of the same problems and needs. There is one source in the bibliography of this 5 page paper.

  • Should Anabolic Steroids Be Used in the Military?

    While this 14 page paper concludes that steroids should not be used, a history of use of steroids in the military is explored along with a look at its usage in society in general. The detrimental effects of anabolic steroids are relayed. This paper includes an Annotated Bibliography with 10 sources.

  • Steroid Abuse in Major League Baseball

    In five pages this paper examines whether or not steroid abuse has tainted the professional baseball in a consideration of if there should be random drug testing, whether or not player records should be upheld if convicted of steroid use, whether there should be a ‘one strike rule,’ and if this steroid abuse by the pros has tainted baseball’s image at high school and college levels. Ten sources are cited in the bibliography.


    This 5-page paper provides a fictitious scenario about a sports player admitting to using steroids on his death bed. The paper discusses the PR moves the man's agents should make.

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