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  • Scientific Management Theories, Motivation, and Theories

    This is a 5 page paper discussing various aspects of management including scientific management theories, the Hawthorne Experiments and other areas including an example of a social structure found within a work setting. Over the course of history, work, mainly manufactured work, has been studied in terms of the various elements required needed for the production of an item and the time it would take workers to complete this task. In addition, with the introduction of certain industrial technologies over time, manufacturing and the management of manufacturing systems and teams have been altered to accommodate new trends and technologies. Management, within an historical perspective, had little to do direct contact within the employees which was generally left to the foremen. However, Frederick Winslow Taylor in the 19th century began to think in terms of “scientific management” in which production management became important to improving the overall production of any manufacturing area. While scientific management looked mainly to efficiency in production, the Hawthorne experiments in the 1920s found that work places are very much social systems and workers reacted accordingly. Lastly, employee motivation need to be established by owners and managers in order to initiate recruitment for firms and retain employees once recruited. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

  • Coca-Cola Production Costs

    A 4 page paper answering several production costs questions and using Coca-Cola as the reference company. Questions address production costs; supply chain management; and the production possibility frontier. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

  • Software Quality and Configuration Management

    This 6 page paper discusses Configuration Management in the context of software quality. The paper includes aspects such as the configuration management of products, such as source code and production development and releases of applications. Software and hardware maintenance is also included. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

  • Social and Professional Success Through the Management of Time

    A 10 page research paper on time management and its importance to the individual in today's fast-paced, production-orientated society. Steps necessary in the effective management of one's time are discussed including : task prioritization, planning, setting of deadlines, etc; Problems and obstacles to accomplishing such goals are explained as are ways to overcome them. Decision-making is of primary importance to this discussion. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

  • Survey on Retaining Employees and Management Styles Research

    A 5 page paper providing survey questions for an investigation into a business research problem. A continuation of KSbusResMgmtStyPl.rtf, the questions here are intended to elicit accurate information about the management style most common within the organization without “leading” respondents or inadvertently coaching them to provide any answer besides that which truly reflects their attitudes, beliefs and perceptions. They also should be sufficient for use among production workers as well as middle management. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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