Research Paper On Drama

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  • Irish Folk Drama and English Ritual Drama

    This 5 page paper illustrates with examples, cited quotes and experts opinions on how drama originated with the earliest pagan religions on earth. The Celtic New Year is used as the example as it applies to English Ritual Drama and Irish Folk Drama. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

  • Soundless Television

    This 3 page paper discusses the impression made by two TV shows, one a comedy, one a drama, when they are watched with the sound off.

  • Mature Playwrights Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller

    A 4 page essay that contrasts and compares plays by Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller. The writer argues that while Miller's plays had a broader thematic scope (e.g. The Crucible is applicable to the McCarthy era), Williams' The Glass Menagerie is still a "mature" drama, as it offers insight into human relationships. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

  • Medieval Morality Play Mankind

    A 5 page analysis of the medieval morality play, 'Mankind.' The writer focuses on the scene in which Mischief holds 'court' as representative of the features of the play. The writer argues that this play is most significant, not for its content, but rather because it indicates the beginnings of professionalism in English drama. No additional sources listed.

  • Multicultural Educational Tool of Drama

    A 12 page paper that begins with data regarding the proportion of ethnic and racial minorities in the U.S., the definitions of culture, and the need for multicultural education. Attitudes begin very early in life. The writer then discusses how drama can be used to lead to awareness and understanding of other cultures. Lesson plan is included. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

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