Research Paper On Notorious Big

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  • Process of 'Big Bet' Business Risks

    This 3-page paper focuses on the process of making "big bets" in business, and whether it's wise to do so. Also discussed are what constitutes big bets in business and whether big bets are rational or non-rational forms of thought

  • Organic Farming vs Non-Organic

    Contrasting organic farming to big agriculture, this 6 page paper delineates its many benefits. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

  • Dante's 9th Circle/A Contemporary Vision

    A 5 page research paper that discusses Dante Alighieri's medieval masterpiece The Divine Comedy. The writer states that this poem is a profound statement on medieval theology, but is also a commentary by Dante on medieval society. These verses picture Dante, being led by the pagan poet Virgil, through Hell, Purgatory and Heaven. In Hell, i.e., The Inferno, Dante pictures meeting notorious sinners: some contemporary with his era; some from the past. This inspires the question of how the present day's most notorious compare to those whom Dante included in his epic poem. The writer discusses John Walker Lindh, Timothy McVeigh, Jeffrey Dahmer and the Unabomber in relation to where they would go in the Ninth Circle of Dante's vision of Hell. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

  • Beer and Circus How Big Time College Sports is Crippling Undergraduate Education by Murray Sperber

    6 pages in length. Murray Sperber's gutsy portrayal of academia gone awry gives readers a significantly better perspective of just how influential big money has become in determining the level of education being taught at contemporary colleges. The extent to which sports and all its generated income has long been a big part of collegiate life is both grand and far-reaching; that the pursuit of athletics and the lure of party life has overtaken a solid academic focus, however, is what Sperber vocalizes as being inexcusable and wholly responsible for the downfall of society's undergraduate scholastic future. No additional sources cited.

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