Research Paper On Life Insurance

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  • UK Value Determinants and Long Term Life Insurance and Short Term General Insurance

    This 8 page report discusses financial market issues in the United Kingdom focussing on the differences between long term (life) insurance and short term (general) insurance. Since many personal insurance products are actually savings products, financial institutions and insurance companies have realized that a great potential exists for cost savings through a joining of forces. As that has happened, the determinants of value and changes in probabilities have all occurred. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

  • Legal Process of England ish Legal Process: Entertainers, Drugs And Insurance

    6 pages in length. Venus, a famous pop star, applied for 10 million pounds of life insurance to MegaLife, an insurance company; as expected, the insurance company was anxious to know whether Venus was on drugs. Slick, an employee of MegaLife, telephoned Orbit's contracted Dr. Irvine Kiljoy, whose job it is to keep an eye on the health of such pop stars as Venus who are signed up with the Orbit label. Slick deceitfully told Dr. Kiljoy that Venus had consented to his supplying MegLife with information about herself, which Dr. Kiljoy believed because Venus had that very morning left the following message on his answer phone: "Kiljoy, I want you to write a report for me; it is not about my health, it is a personal business matter." Unknown to Kiljoy was the fact that this was a reference to litigation Venus was planning against a restaurant where she had been served salmonella laced soup whilst on tour promoting her latest hit single "Heavenly Body." Based upon this misunderstanding, Dr. Kiljoy told Slick all about Venus' long-standing battle with cocaine addiction; on the basis of this information, MegaLife refused Venus life insurance. When Venus learned why her life insurance application failed, she instigates tort proceedings against the doctor for breach of statutory duty. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

  • Veterans Affairs Benefits Proposal Paper

    6 pages in length. The main thing on the minds of every soldier coming home from military conflict is to realign themselves with the lives they left behind. Work, friends, home life, familial relationships – all of these and more require a great measure of readjustment for veterans whose entire existence has centered upon war. Even those without any battle-related encumbrances - such as mental, physical or emotional injuries – still need help assimilating back into the society they left behind in order to protect. Veterans Affairs (VA) has been an instrumental force in providing much-needed education, home loans, pensions, medical care, life insurance and vocational rehabilitation for both the veteran and his/her family, however, as beneficial as VA has been in helping veterans piece their collective lives back together with such assistance, the system has become so overloaded that more and more veterans are going without benefits they are qualified to receive. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

  • Case Study on Personal Finance

    This 11 page paper considers a case study supplied by the student, looks at the risks and cover a couple have in regard life assurance, disability cover, medical insurance and general insurance. The paper outlines the strength and weaknesses of the position and gives advice regarding actions to be taken and advisable generic policies. The bibliography cites 2 sources.

  • MetLife Management

    A 5 page paper assessing MetLife’s management and marketing in terms of its strategy for the future. This old company went public in 2001 and now focuses on banking and total financial planning as well as life and health insurance. It seeks to be relevant to customers’ lives in the present, rather than being important only at some time in the future. The paper discusses the composition of the Board of Directors, actions by CEO Robert H. Benmosehe to effect the changes at MetLife, as well as the company’s marketing philosophy. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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