Research Paper On Inflation In India

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  • Devaluation and Inflation in Zimbabwe

    This 3 page paper answers questions regarding Zimbabwe, including speculation on why the government is refusing to devalue the currency, why there is inflation and how hyper inflation is cause the supply of essential goods to dry up. The last per of the paper considers whether or not trying to outlaw inflation by making price increases illegal is likely to be an effective way of controlling inflation in the country. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

  • Economic Growth And Inflation

    A 4 page paper. The writer responds to this question: Should a country's economic growth rate be higher than its inflation rate? The essay discusses ideal growth rates, reports growth rates and inflation rates in the U.S. for 2006 and 2007 and discusses the growth and inflation rates in Vietnam. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

  • Inflation in Different Economic Conditions

    This 11 page paper looks at inflation; including what it is and how it occurs. The paper is written in three sections, the first section considers the alignment inflation rates with growth rates, the second section considers the way that a converse relationship may be seen, such as with stagflation. The last section discusses a potential link between real GDP growth and inflation rates. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

  • Inflation, Unemployment, and Phillips Curve

    2 pages in length. The short run Phillips Curve established a union between unemployment and inflation that was based upon findings made by Professor A.W. Phillips. This data, which was acquired through the fluctuation of wage levels and unemployment as they existed between the years of 1861 and 1957, demonstrated evidence of a trade-off between unemployment and inflation, so that any attempts by governments to reduce unemployment was likely to lead to increased inflation. The writer discusses the Phillips Curve as it relates to unemployment and inflation. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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