Research Paper On Evolution Of Computers

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  • The Technological Evolution of Computers

    A 10 page outline of the changes which have overtaken the computer industry since the invention of the first analog computer. This paper concentrates on changes in storage mediums such as tape drives, floppy disks, and CDs as well as changes in CPU technology. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

  • Computers in Classrooms

    This 5 page paper offers general comments about computers and related technology in classrooms K - college/university. Following a brief overview of the history of computers in educational settings, the writer discusses one successful program, steps to take to integrate computer technology into the curriculum, the need for better training of teachers and the value of using computer technology for students. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

  • Computer Evolution from Mainframe to Distributed Systems

    A 10 page paper providing a brief history of computers, beginning in 1944 when IBM's first mainframe was born of collaboration with Harvard University. That machine was fully electromechanical and though capable of computations, can be considered as less powerful than any pocket calculator today. The paper discusses the early portable computers and the first commercially successful personal computers, ending in a discussion of distributed systems including the debate surrounding fat clients vs thin clients, and the still-viable concept of the network computer designed to be for Internet use rather than providing all the capabilities of the PC. Bibliography lists 18 sources.

  • Graphic Design, Typography, and the Impact of CAD Design

    This is a 10 page paper discussing the evolution of typography and graphic design from a historical perspective and the recent advent of computer-aided design. Typography and graphic design have gone through a great deal of evolution since the introduction of the first printing press in the 15th century. Since that time, typography has been impacted greatly by the industrial revolution, the introduction of photocomposition and most recently, computer technology. In each revolutionary step, designers have maintained certain styles and formats while at the same time developed new and exciting aspects of the trade. The recent computer-aided design (CAD) applications which have been introduced have allowed graphic designers to not only develop new types of fonts, styles and logos at their desktop but have also expanded their responsibilities to include not only traditional design but the responsibilities previously of the typesetters themselves in addition to being the main designers for the market involving printed materials and graphics used in advertising, inter-active media and web design. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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