Research Paper On Emerging Trends In Rural Marketing

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  • T. Rowe Price Associates and Emerging Investment Trends

    A 9 page paper discussing the investment adviser's ability to read the market, emerging trends and investor needs rather than reacting to changes it failed to identify in their formative stages. The 3rd largest direct marketer of mutual funds, T. Rowe Price is actively enhancing its institutional investment services. It would be as foolish to claim that T. Rowe Price will be unaffected by any change in the market in the future as it is to claim that the business cycle is dead. However, the company has proven itself to be well-managed and astute in its ability to read the market, emerging trends, and the needs of its investors. In the next year and in the next five years, the company should be expected to perform as well as it has in the past. 3 tables, 1 chart. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

  • Financial Markets Analysis

    This 18 page report discusses the development of the new and emerging worlds of financial markets. Closer scrutiny of patterns, behaviors (both repetitive and unique), as well as developing trends must be closely examined. With the acceleration of technological change, and a growing emphasis on institutional learning and continuous product improvement, both the concepts and the policy prescriptions of traditional analysts have become less foolproof than they once were. The three primary approaches to analyzing and forecasting capital and financial markets - fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and behavior finance - are discussed in depth. Bibliography lists 21 sources.

  • Overview of International Equity Portfolios

    5 pages. This paper looks at international equity portfolios as far as the characteristics of cross-country return correlations for emerging market portfolios. Emerging market returns are said to be extremely volatile in comparison to return volatility in developed markets. But will adding emerging markets to a portfolio invested in developed markets tend to increase the overall portfolio risk or reduce it? Bibliography lists 5 sources.

  • Fair Trade Goods and Consumer Purchases Patterns

    This 7 page paper looks at a recent consumption trend, increased demand and consumption of fair trade products. The way the patterns is emerging, influences in the trend and the way it is used by retailers, as well as the limitations in the trend are all discussed. The bibliography cites 14 sources.

  • Contemporary Manifestations of Terrorism

    This 10 page paper is really three essays combined into one paper. Three sections address different subjects related to terrorism. Sections are as follows: I. Major trends in terrorism in recent years; II. The most important emerging trends in terrorism; III. Major organizational patterns of current terrorist groups and how they may or may not change in the future. Many issues are addressed including biological warfare, suicide bombing and Internet terrorism. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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