Research Paper On College Students

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  • Kean College Consumer Satisfaction Study

    In nineteen pages Kean College 1995 surveys of college students regarding their school attitudes are analyzed in terms of data examination, consumer behavior theory application, and recommendations. There is no bibliography included.

  • The Causes of Effects of Binge Drinking

    The writer examines the phenomenon of binge drinking on college campuses, and reveals that an increasing number of college students, particularly women, engage in the practice as a sort of measure of coming of age. The writer reveals that health experts consider binge drinking one of the worst practices of collegiate life. The paper is five pages long and there are seven sources listed in the bibliography.

  • Zinsser's College Pressures

    This 3-page paper uses William Zinsser's essay "College Pressures" as a basis to compare college students of the late 1970s with those of earlier years.

  • Comparison of College Students That Are Younger versus More Mature

    In ten pages this paper examines college students who attend immediately following graduation and students who are more mature in a comparison of differences that includes unique characteristics and problems faced by each. Nine sources are cited in the bibliography and there are also the inclusion of two tables.

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