Research Paper On Sexual Assault In The Military

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  • Cases in Australasian Criminal Law

    This 9 page paper is written in two parts, The first part considers the case of mistaken identity in a homosexual sexual encounter and assesses if there is any potential liability for rape or sexual assault. The second part of the paper discusses the findings in the case of Crabbe (1985) 156 CLR 464. The paper is written with reference to Australasian law. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

  • Prosecutorial Misconduct?

    A 3 page consideration of certain cases involving ethical breaches and misconduct on the part of the prosecuting attorney. This paper specifically considers the Duke sexual assault case and two cases where the Patriot Act was used to prosecute individuals for much more serious offenses than what they actually committed. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

  • Issues of Field Collection in Criminal Forensics

    An 8 page paper presenting the importance of systematic collection of crime scene evidence in the field. Discussion includes information of collection of fingerprints, foot and tire prints, evidence of sexual assault, and trace evidence such as hair and fiber. The paper stresses the importance of field documentation of evidence. Bibliography list five sources.

  • Military and Sexual Harassment

    This 10 page paper discusses the issues of sexual harassment in the military, with emphasis on harassment of women. Harassment of gay men is also discussed, though more briefly. The paper also presents a fictional case study of an incident of sexual harassment. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

  • Guilt of Sam and Lonnie in Violating the Offence Against the Person Act of 1861

    5 pages in length. Sam and Lonnie are guilty of violating the Offence Against The Person Act of 1861, which, in this particular case, speaks to the age of consent section. Being that Anita was all of fifteen years old when these two men (legal age of eighteen) accosted her, and the legal age of consent for sexual activity is sixteen, the assailants are culpable for sexually assaulting a minor under the Act. Paul, on the other hand, must also answer for his actions against Lonnie under the Act, whereby the wrath he took out upon his daughter's assailant was no more lawful than the sexual infringement the young men cast upon Anita. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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