Research Paper On Prototype Model

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  • Prototype Model Building and Layer manufacturing

    Layer manufacturing is the use of computer controlled and latest Materials and forming processes in building the physical model layer by layer based on a digital model. The 10 page model looks at three different systems that make use of layer manufacturing; the Thermojet Printer by 3D systems, The Perfactory Concept Modeler from Envisiontech and the ProMetal Rapid Tooling System. The bibliography cites 3 sources.

  • Category Formation, Causal Theories, and Cognitive Psychology

    This is an 8 page paper comparing and contrasting the prototype and causal-based theories of category formation. In cognitive psychology, category formation is considered one of the most fundamental aspects of understanding mental representation. Within the area of category formation however, there are several theories which appear to conflict in some aspects. Two of these theories are the prototype theory of category formation and the causal theory of category formation. In the most basic sense, the prototype theory argues that individuals categorize items based on the typicality level of the objects in comparison with the “prototype” concept or image that an individual has. When new objects are encountered by an individual, a comparison of features based on prototypes takes place until that object is categorized. From a causal model theory perspective however, the categorization process also takes into account prior knowledge and theories of how the world works in addition to the causal relationships between features. Causal theorists find that the prototype theories base categorization from an independent and “probabilistic” viewpoint whereas individuals in fact use their causal knowledge in order to categorize and build relationships conceptually. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

  • Boob Tube Magazine Prototype

    A 6 page research paper, plus an annotated bibliography, that presents a prototype for a proposed magazine designed for breastfeeding mothers. This prototype includes a letter from the editor, a representative article and a proposed ad. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

  • Technology and Application of Rapid Prototyping

    An 18 page paper discussing changes in design for manufacturing. Prototyping increasingly translates not to the production of a physical sample, but to solid assessment for manufacturability and product function in a fully virtual environment. The key is to speed the process between design and market to the shortest cycle length possible. Several manufacturing and supply chain changes have been instrumental in contributing to this shortened cycle; rapid prototyping is one of the most significant on the list. Despite all the changes seen only within the past decade, it is likely that the coming ten years will provide even further refinements and usefulness. Bibliography lists 16 sources.

  • Virtual Prototyping and Virtual EngineeringTechnology in Manufacturing

    This 4 page paper reviews two articles concerning the use of technology in manufacturing. The articles look at virtual engineering and the use of virtual prototypes. The main points of the paper are summarized and the writer states why the articles are interesting. The bibliography cites 2 sources.

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