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  • Economic Impact of Leveraged Buyouts

    A 7 page paper defining and discussing leveraged buyouts, junk bonds and the effect that they can have on the economy. At some point, asset prices generally become inflated and junk bonds can be based on little or no value in the underlying company. The paper ends with a quote from the Bible (Ecclesiastes 7:12), and a comment about how the prudent investor should deal with the issue of junk bonds. Bibliography lists 14 sources.

  • Fathers, Sons, and the Bonding Created by Sports

    16 pages in length. Fathers and sons share many experiences that help to fortify their relationship; however, there is perhaps no better bonding agent than the shared experience of sports. Indeed, fathers dream of the day they can teach their sons how to play catch, hit a softball or go long for a pass, which clearly illustrates the bonding powers inherent to sporting activities. For boys who may have tenuous associations with their fathers, the very act of engaging in some type of sports often has a cathartic effect upon the issue that stands between them, ultimately affording the father and son to bridge whatever gaps might exist between them. Sports is also an excellent way for boys to work off the growing trend towards childhood stress, while at the same time have fun and further solidify the bond with their fathers. As well, father/son sports activities are a great way to draw out an individual with an otherwise low self-image and help bolster a strong and healthy dose of self-esteem. Bibliography lists 13 sources.

  • Merrimack Case Study; Accounting for Inventory LIFO and FIFO

    This 5 page paper is based on a case study supplied by the student and looks at the way changes in sales patterns and policy may impact on the cost of sales and the valuation of inventory. The paper starts by looking at a stock valuation and the production of an income sheet using last in first out (LIFO), then at changes in sales patterns which may impact on costs of goods/value of inventory. The change to first in first out (FIFO) is then considered, looking at the impact on the accounts and considering the ethical implications. The bibliography cites 4 sources.


    This 3-page paper focuses on a case study dealing with valuation of a sports equipment shop. The typic includes discussion of future growth earnings and p/e ratios. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

  • Merrimack Tractors Case Study

    This 13 page paper looks at a case study of a firm that is considering make a change in accounting policy; to move from last in first out (LIFO) to first in first out (FIFO) inventory valuation methods. The impact that change may have ion the income statement are discussed and calculated, and issues such as ethical considerations are discussed. The bibliography cites 4 sources.

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