Research Paper On Automated Guided Vehicle Pdf

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    This 6-page paper provides a financial analysis of Hershey Company and recommendations about its worth as an investment vehicle. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

  • Overview of Hybrid Electrical Vehicles

    An 8 page paper. A hybrid vehicle is one that uses two sources of power, such as gasoline and electric batteries. These are on the cutting edge of automotive technology. This paper discusses how such vehicles are powered and introduces the Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight. The writer also reports what American manufacturers are doing in this area. Finally, the disadvantages and advantages of hybrids are described. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

  • International Financial Tools

    This 20 page paper is a 12 slide PowerPoint presentation complete with speaker notes and an annotated bibliography which looks at the international financial markets, considering the different tools which are utilized as investment vehicles in the way in which they may help to reduce as well as increased risk for investors. Vehicles such as different types of derivatives, the use of securitization, the practice of hedging on all discussed. The bibliography cites 16 sources.

  • L.L. Bean and Call Center Issues

    An 11 page paper discussing the advantages to information management of the computer-telephone integrated call center, including the implications brought by Internet protocol (IP) telephony. The customer-focused, automated call center provides a broad solution to many business dilemmas. It provides enhanced customer service that is automated and managed yet appears highly personal to the customer, and it can increase the company's competitive advantage with its customers. Information is tailored to the needs of the business, summarized for analysis and centralized for access. Per-seat call center costs have decreased so that its advantages are available to many more companies now than in the past. With L.L. Bean's commitment to superlative customer service and treating "customers like human beings," the call center provides solution for many of the issues facing L.L. Bean in the current climate of intense retail competition and the need for current and reliable information management. Bibliography lists 14 sources.

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