Research Paper On Love Canal

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  • Love Canal and Hooker Chemical

    This 3-page paper answers questions about the Love Canal disaster during the mid-to-late 20th century. Also included is a topic about Nine Mile Run, a "brownfield" proposed restoration project. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

  • Lessons Learned From Love Canal

    6 pages in length. Lessons learned from the hazardous waste incident at Love Canal were ones that did not need to be taught; rather, there was no learning curve involved with knowing that building a community on top of a defunct waste site had the potential - if not sooner than most certainly later - to become an environmental disaster of massive proportions. That such a lesson would need be taught to developers is unsettling on its own; to have developers make the conscious decision to place myriad families directly in harms way for the benefit of a buck speaks to a breach of ethics no amount of remuneration could rectify but that a handful of new legislation could attempt to prevent in the future. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

  • The Ohio Canals A Pictorial Survey Of The Ohio Canals Using The Drawings And Paintings Of The Late Frank Wilcox

    5 pages in length. Frank Wilcox's "The Ohio Canals: A Pictorial Survey of the Ohio Canals Using the Drawings and Paintings of the Late Frank Wilcox" is a splendid means by which to capture all the beauty, history and controversy that has existed since Ohio's one thousand miles of canals were completed in 1847. Through Wilcox's drawings and paintings, the reader is offered an insightful look into what many may not have before experienced. The writer discusses that it is by way of the keen eye that Wilcox possessed that readers are able to gain a significant respect and admiration for the canals that have been responsible for providing a system of economical transportation. No additional sources cited.

  • US Influence on the History of the Panama Canal

    This 7-page paper focuses on the history of the Panama Canal and the influence of the U.S. government in making this project happen. Other topics for discussion include whether or not the U.S. could be considered imperialistic in its efforts to build a Canal though this country. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

  • Comparing Childbirth Open And Closed Glottis Pushing

    7 pages in length. Childbirth methodology consists of various ways in which to expel the baby both safely and effectively, with breathing and pushing techniques representing two of the most critical. During natural childbirth, the mother is coached to breath and push almost simultaneously in order to drive the baby down the birth canal; however, whether she chooses to push with an open glottis or closed glottis is up for significant debate as to the overall safety and efficacy of each application. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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