Research Paper On Gifted And Talented

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  • Gifted Classroom Underachiever Manipulation and Psychology

    An 8 page paper discussing positive ways of dealing with the talented and gifted underachiever in the classroom. These students often need special education as much as do the learning disabled but often do not receive it. Some can challenge themselves, but challenging the student still is the job of the teacher. The paper discusses using real-world lessons, peer tutoring and following the child’s lead as strategies for avoiding boredom with the average class. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

  • UK's Talented and Gifted Education

    This 43 page research report addresses gifted education with an emphasis on the United Kingdom. The report begins with a brief history of gifted education (in the 1870s in New Jersey, USA) and includes the change in focus from intellectual cognitive ability to a broader perspective. Topics addressed in the report include: the definition of giftedness and how that has changed and why, underachievement, methods for identifying gifted children, including tests, teacher recommendations and checklists, identification by provision and identification by provision in practice, Freeman's Sports approach, comments on nature vs nurture, can giftedness be developed, characteristics of the gifted child, emotional/social development, implications for teachers, preparing teachers to work with the gifted, and comments about programs for the gifted. While most of the research is applicable to giftedness anywhere, there is an emphasis on the UK. Bibliography lists 24 sources.

  • Federal Taxation of Gifts, Trusts, and Estates

    This 10 page report discusses numerous aspects of taxation and regulatory authority associated with estates, trusts, and gifts. Estate planners, accountants, Internal Revenue Service directors, the court system, and attorneys have also demonstrated very definite and widely varying opinions regarding the ways in which Americans’ estates, trusts, and gifts are taxed. The taxpayer relief act (TRA) of 1997 contained the most significant changes in the income taxation of estates and trusts since 1986. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

  • Computer Industry and the Importance of Channel and Distribution Management

    This 10 page paper looks at why the distribution channels ands systems are so important in this industry and outlines how they have been used to create competitive advantages. Companies such as Dell, Compaq and Hewlett Packard are considered, with a brief look at Microsoft. The bibliography cites 15 sources.

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