Research Paper On Faith Healing

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  • Metaphysical Spiritual Healing

    A 48 page exploration in the entitled field of healing beginning with an introduction and background of metaphysical spiritual healing and an historical background. The essay's subheadings are: metaphysical healing, metaphysical healing and tools and approaches, including Reiki, magnet and crystal therapies and how they are used, spiritual healing, metaphysical spiritual healers and approaches, including faith healing and reports of some of the most successful healers, Jesus Christ and His followers, the faith of metaphysicians and the faith and Divine powers of Christ, concluding comments. Numerous examples are provided throughout the paper along with comprehensive discussions in each section. Discussion and questions of Christ's healing and raising people from the dead are explored. Bibliography lists 34 sources.

  • Analysis of Faith Healing

    3 pages in length. Gary and Ray both experienced the tangible but often unbelievable benefits of faith healing, a method by which the healer's hands-on approach brings relief from pain. That Gary physically, emotionally and spiritually accepted the healer's ability and Ray staunchly did not makes no difference in their respective outcome, inasmuch as it is the healer's faith that ultimately allows for the therapeutic action to occur. No bibliography.

  • Healing With Prayer

    This 16 page paper begins with an introduction and definitions of key words. The paper discusses the long tradition of healing in Christianity beginning with Christ and His Apostles. The writer comments on faith healers, including Mary Baker Eddy and the potential dangers of relying only on prayer. The paper then discusses the charismatic Christian Healing renewal movement. A critique on the validity of charismatics being Christian is included. Bibliography lists 14 sources.

  • Water Symbolism in The Waste Land by T.S. Eliot

    A 5 page paper analyzing the symbolism of water in Eliot's landmark poem. It concludes that water, in the world of the Waste Land, stands for sustenance, healing, and faith, and for the orderly and proper progress of the universe; it is only through the restoration of balance that the Waste Land can be healed. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

  • Faith-Based Counseling

    7 pages in length. The role religion plays in counseling is a complementary one because of the intrinsic healing nature of faith. The extent to which spiritual health equates to mental health is both grand and far-reaching; that faith-based counseling utilizes familiar components of everyday life makes it a more accessible and comfortable experience when compared with the oftentimes esoteric nature of conventional therapies. While the common denominator among all therapeutic modalities is to bring a sense of balance to a patient's life when he or she is in the throes of psychological conflict, faith-based counseling does so in such a way that draws upon God's calming influence and the Bible's guiding Scripture, ultimately providing holistic structure to the counselor's intended objective. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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