Research Paper On Indian History

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  • Comparing the Real Story of Pocahontas to the Disney Cartoon Interpretation

    This 6 page report discusses the legend of Pocahontas (real name “Matoaka”) and compares the Disney animated movie version of it and her actual story. Was Pocahontas a brave young women who defied her father to save the life of the foreigner chief John Smith? Or is the story simply a myth, given new credence by the Disney Corporation that serves only to strengthen white Americans’ simplistic perception of good Indians and bad Indians? How has history been modified to make it more palatable as “entertainment”? Bibliography lists 4 sources.

  • Europeans' Destruction of the Taino Indians

    An 8 page research paper on The Taino Indians-- a tribe that belonged to the Arawak culture of South America's tropical region. The writer describes the culture, philosophy, rituals & traditions of this group. A history of the Taino Indians under European conquest is presented and it is concluded that they were among the first tribes to be robbed of their culture by invading empires. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

  • Mi Caballo, Mi Perro Y Mi Rifle by Jose Ruben Romero

    3 pages in length. Jose Ruben Romero's "Mi Caballo, Mi Perro Y Mi Rifle" delves into the lurid history of Western European conquest over the Mexican Indians. Clearly portrayed throughout the pages of Romero's historical account is the white man's opinion that if one was not a of European descent, one was not worthy of living. The writer discusses how this obvious cultural hatred harbored by the white race was focused toward the Indians for the unprovoked manner in which they attempted to preserve their indigenous land. No additional sources cited.

  • History Texts' Depiction of Native Americans

    This 8 page paper evaluates a variety of American history books and focuses on how Indians are portrayed. Many texts ar mentioned. It is noted that there is still scant information on Native Americans in all history books in a variety of decades. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

  • The Voyage of Cabeza de Vaca Three Themes Assessment

    5 pages in length. The writer discusses the following three themes in relation to Cabeza de Vaca's voyage: how the Spaniards and Indians viewed one another; Spaniard hatred and racism toward the Indians; and assimilating into Indian culture. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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